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Fangirl to the Max

It took a few days for me to realise that there was something new on the horizon with FFXIV…what, I had stuff to catch up on! And then I saw the epic Stormblood trailer. If you thought I was fangirling over Aymeric then apparently my fangirling abilities far surpass what we thought possible. Because this trailer is just so bloody awesome.

So my goals for the next couple weeks is to get that main story finished up as much as I can so I can move along when Stormblood hits. Easier said than done, particularly for a casual player like me who gets a few minutes of gaming time everyday. Buuuuuut I’m so stoked…I have stars in my eyes, and I squealed like a kid in a candy store when I saw that trailer. So I’m sure going to try!

Lala powa. That is all.


Those Roguish Charms

As a break from doing Yo-kai weapons I decided to switch it up and take a look at the rogue class. Can I just say – it is so awesome! I am in wuuuuuvs with Jacke!

The rogues I think have a great sense of humour going through the story and in general, there’s this sassy badass awesome vibe going which I love.

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60 and Beyond…

I finally hit 60 the other day! What a lovely glorious feeling it was…and ofcourse, hitting level cap didn’t mean I was done by any means. More main story to do, more stuff to explore ( I need to figure out hunts at some point), and in general I get to experience level cap while it’s relevant for the very first in this game. The last time I experienced level cap was only a few days before Heavensward’s release!


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The Dragonsong War

Not long ago I talked about being surrounded by story in Final Fantasy. There’s no such thing as too much story really – and by the Twelve is this story good! I’m having a blast sinking my teeth into the amazing main story in Heavensward – and that inevitably led me to one place: The Dragonsong War.

Spoiler Warning: This post contains my thoughts on the Dragonsong War and includes spoilers regarding the Heavensward main story scenario until level 55. You have been warned!

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Story Story Everywhere!

Last night, as I was working on Beast Tribe reputation, I finally filled up the Neutral bar and was ready to work on the next stage of rep, “Recognised”. I should’ve known, but I fell into my WoW habit and expected just to move on without much ado. It’s not that simple in FFXIV – there’s a story to be told. I mean, ofcourse there’s a story to be told – it’s FFXIV afterall. Probably an ongoing tale at every stage of reputation!

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To Alt or not to Alt

One of the unique things about Final Fantasy XIV is the armoury system… and the idea that one character has access to multiple classes and jobs. This system does away with need for traditional “alts”, coming from WoW.

The armoury system, I now find, exists for good reason. The main story questline is HELLA long. There is a ridiculous amount of story in it – and thankfully, we don’t have to go through it over and over just try out new jobs and classes. The synergy between the classes, the cross-over abilities and the thought behind the planning of all this simply works.

Despite this, I’ve been going back and forth about rolling an alt. We all have our own reasons for alting and mine are the following: boobs and story. You read that right.

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And thus we go forth, Heavensward

Over the weekend, I finally finished the Realm Reborn main story with the final quest “Before the Dawn”. I think this is probably the first time I have been this blown away by an in-game story, ever. The entire story unfolded beautifully – like a small snowball that quickly turned into an avalanche and buried you with it. I never saw it coming.

The remainder of the post is written from the eyes of Lenali, my adventuring Lalafell.

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains references to the main story pre-Heavensward – i.e patch 2.55 “Before the Fall!” You have been warned! 

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