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The Magic of Flying

Last night, as I was working through my challenge log and getting to level 59 for the main story, I took a break and decided to do a bit of exploring. I was in the Sea of Clouds, and I think that region in particular is so much easier to navigate from the air than on the ground. The floating rocks and obscure paths all mixed in with the different levels are just too much for my directionless self.

Soon, me and the trusty compass were at it trying to figure out where all the aether currents were. The last few aether currents proved to be the most challenging for me. There was a point where I was running around in circles for a good half hour! It made my head spin but I was at the same time, enjoying the challenge. Personally I think Sea of Clouds is one of the harder regions to find those darn currents in!


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Starry Starry Night

Over the weekend, I slept in and as a result I found myself doing my Beast Tribe dailies in the night in the Sagolii Desert. I never imagined the desert so pretty at night, complete with a dazzling splash of stars in the sky! Another beautiful moment in Eorzea 🙂

Fantasy with a capital F

As I write this post, I have Final Fantasy in playing in the background and I have a stupidly wide grin as I listen to the awesome music and let myself be immersed in its world. I will never tire of Ishgard’s music.

When I first returned to FFXIV, I did so expecting it to be a summer game – something to keep me entertained during the sweltering heat. I didn’t know if I’d stick around for more, I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it a whole lot and I certainly didn’t think that I’d be playing it with such enthusiasm. Yet here I am – they have clearly won my Lalafellin heart over.

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A City with a View: Ishgard

My journey through the levels has been unusually slow – even by my standards. And the sole reason for this strange turn of events? Everything is so damn beautiful. No, really. I spend half my time going ooh and aah at the breathtaking scenery and forget what I was doing to begin with.

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Fun Exploration

Last night I decided to work on my Hunting Log a little bit – I had some to catch up on the Black Mage log and lots apparently with the Immortal Flames one.

The most fun part for me with the log is that I get to run around and explore the world while chasing my objectives. They don’t tell me where exactly they are on the map for the log objectives ( just the general area) – so I get to figure it out myself and in the process often stumble on some amazing views…like this one!

Gem in La Noscea

And another one when I was tracking down Giant Loggers in Coerthas Highlands…

Taking in the view of the peaks

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