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The Yo-Kai Grind

It’s almost as if SE read my previous post on how much I love grinding FATEs and said: “Hey guys! Let’s take FATE grinding up a notch!” Because really, that’s what it feels like – an event of epic grinding proportions for the FATE lover.

Here’s my handy version of this event:

  1. Complete the intro quest (beginning in Ul’dah) and talk to the cool in Golden Saucer. Get the special Yo-kai watch and equip.
  2. Go forth and FATE it up until you have enough medals to buy the minions.
  3. Buy all minions, summon them and get a special mount!oka-mount
  4. Unequip the watch (you don’t need it for the minion-specific legendary medals), summon the appropriate minion in the correct FATE area (as shown in the Yo-kai book you received along with the watch) and grind the Legendary medals.meandtheyokai
  5. Use the Legendary medals to buy special Yo-kai weapons for FASHUNZ. (Note that the cost of weapons keeps increasing – so they weren’t kidding about the grind lol).ffxiv_07292016_235857

6. Grind enough Legendary medals to buy all the weapons and obtain a special mount for the achievement! Total count of medals you’ll need: 222. 😀 Good news is that this event lasts until October so there’s plenty of time to space it out and keep yourself from going insane.

Not sure which minion should be summoned where for which weapon? Check out the handy table below (from this great reddit thread):


It couldn’t come at a better time for me. I have tendinitis on my right hand which means two weeks rest and not really being able to do anything – including playing piano. Plus, the countdown to the move date has begun and given how terrible I am at waiting, I am one anxious lalafell. Good thing I can do FATEs relatively easily with just the left hand!

I have thus been throwing myself into this event with a fervour and passion that makes my FC members think I am truly a closet maso for doing this grind. 😀 Plus it’s a great opportunity to get some levels on my lowbie classes while doing the FATEs.

Five weapons down so far….and uh….*counts on fingers*…. eight to… EIGHT??! Yep… eight to go!



60 and Beyond…

I finally hit 60 the other day! What a lovely glorious feeling it was…and ofcourse, hitting level cap didn’t mean I was done by any means. More main story to do, more stuff to explore ( I need to figure out hunts at some point), and in general I get to experience level cap while it’s relevant for the very first in this game. The last time I experienced level cap was only a few days before Heavensward’s release!


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The Magic of Flying

Last night, as I was working through my challenge log and getting to level 59 for the main story, I took a break and decided to do a bit of exploring. I was in the Sea of Clouds, and I think that region in particular is so much easier to navigate from the air than on the ground. The floating rocks and obscure paths all mixed in with the different levels are just too much for my directionless self.

Soon, me and the trusty compass were at it trying to figure out where all the aether currents were. The last few aether currents proved to be the most challenging for me. There was a point where I was running around in circles for a good half hour! It made my head spin but I was at the same time, enjoying the challenge. Personally I think Sea of Clouds is one of the harder regions to find those darn currents in!


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The Black Mage Riseth!

When four magi meet in a barren land,

Black powers of eld woven by their hand,

Shall see the fate of wickedness made stark,

And the path to Light shall be lit by dark.


Over the weekend I finally hit level 50 on my black mage! My first order of business was to gather the proper garb and get ready to go out into Eorzea. My path of darkness and destruction is well-chosen and I look forward to striking fear into the hearts of my enemies.

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