As a break from doing Yo-kai weapons I decided to switch it up and take a look at the rogue class. Can I just say – it is so awesome! I am in wuuuuuvs with Jacke!

The rogues I think have a great sense of humour going through the story and in general, there’s this sassy badass awesome vibe going which I love.

Jacke, the guildmaster is a pretty cool dude. I have a fangirl crush on him….so the next couple screenies are probably just going to be about him. Everyone’s handy with daggers and stealth as would be expected… and there’s an old world feel to the guild with the code and honour amongst thieves and that sort of thing. I like.


And there’s the one time where a bunch of no-gooders inadvertently walked into the guilds….targets as well call ’em (see – I’m gettin the hang of the lingo!). Heh…they didn’t have a chance. And that’s when I saw hearts in my eyes.


Isn’t he just the coolest *-*


*Cough* This doesn’t mean however, that us rogues don’t get into trouble of our own. There was this matter about a sandwich that belonged to V’kebbe…


Ofcourse the culprit was none other than….


And despite his best effort to cover it up with a replacement all sneaky like…


Yep. Cat’s outta the bag now. ffxiv_08022016_135647

And soon….our very own guildmaster found himself strung up, proper rogue style an’ all!


So yeah. Don’t mess with a rogue….specially our food. Jus’ sayin’! And for the last screenie…one last look at Jacke being cool just because… 😛