I finally hit 60 the other day! What a lovely glorious feeling it was…and ofcourse, hitting level cap didn’t mean I was done by any means. More main story to do, more stuff to explore ( I need to figure out hunts at some point), and in general I get to experience level cap while it’s relevant for the very first in this game. The last time I experienced level cap was only a few days before Heavensward’s release!


My first order of business after hitting 60 was to finish my job quest and wrap loose ends as a Black Mage. Yep, Lenali Lei of the Black never felt so good. ffxiv_06042016_103826

In order to continue my journey Heavensward in the main quest, I hit my first gear requirement: an ilvl of 142 for the new duty. I probably wouldn’t have figured it out on my own but I was fortunate to find some exceedingly helpful folks in the game who stepped in and helped me figure out what to do next. (Ironically, google failed me on this one and spammed me with posts of tomestones and whatnot …. but it felt strangely nostalgic to be the “new” player again!)

The easiest way to get your level up if it isn’t already – and mine wasn’t at 142 but it was pretty close at 139 – is to replace any old gear you have with gear from the vendors. There’s the little computerised vendor at the Helix in Alabathia’s Spine, and also the gobbie vendors at Idyllshire. A few pieces is all it took to get me up to snuff and well on my way to the next part of my journey.

And that’s kind of where I’m at. I’m excited for the patch and to see what else is in store for me at 60! And yes…I’m already thinking about what class to level next! 🙂