Last night, as I was working through my challenge log and getting to level 59 for the main story, I took a break and decided to do a bit of exploring. I was in the Sea of Clouds, and I think that region in particular is so much easier to navigate from the air than on the ground. The floating rocks and obscure paths all mixed in with the different levels are just too much for my directionless self.

Soon, me and the trusty compass were at it trying to figure out where all the aether currents were. The last few aether currents proved to be the most challenging for me. There was a point where I was running around in circles for a good half hour! It made my head spin but I was at the same time, enjoying the challenge. Personally I think Sea of Clouds is one of the harder regions to find those darn currents in!


The last one turned out to be a sneaky one – in a low level quest that I had missed!! So there I was thinking “ugh, I should’ve done this when I was level 50 – I would’ve got the xp and wouldn’t have to be doing it now”. Nope – none of that anymore. Now we have a quest sync feature! So those level 50 gaelicats made me work for their undamaged wings just as though we were the same level.


That’s a real cool feature to me – and particularly interesting since just a few days ago, the question of pacing and keeping levelling relevant and engaging came up in the World of Warcraft devchat with Ion. Hmmmmm. Perhaps something like quest sync would work great for it?

I was one happy lalafell when I turned in that final quest for the aether current. It had been about an hour and a half now, and two big glasses of wine since I began my flying quest! It felt really good.


Ofcourse I couldn’t resist a little bit of flying before I crashed for the night. Hey, it was the wine! I flew around the Sea of Clouds on cloud nine, hehehe…. and was just in time to catch a glimpse of a magical sunset.


It’s one of those awesome gaming moments – when you work for something and the reward is so worth it. There’s that great feeling of earning a wonderful moment, and that’s when you know that you’re playing an awesome game you love.