October isn’t really October without a bit of spooky and creepy to go along with it. And All Saints’ Wake offered it up in good doses with just the right amount of mystery and mischief from suspicious folks to make it a really fun event.

Here are a few fun moments:

We get to don a really cute outfit as you can see above. I love the purple – complete with pumpkin accessories. And that little terror running around beside me is my very own cute Pumpkin Butler (minion).

I mentioned suspicious characters didn’t I?


Well, as usual, suspicious characters are up to no good. It got a little interesting figuring out what they were up to!


Even Imps like cookies! Hey….a monster’s got to eat too.


Turns out being a monster isn’t all that great – particularly if you can’t turn back! No rest for the wicked…and the heroic too apparently.


And the best part of the event – one that completes my spooky-yet-cute outfit – the broom! I found a nice spooky spot in Central Shroud with rumbling thunder and scary lightning for this one. ffxiv_10272015_092015

Note the cute cat at the end of the broom there. It’s my favourite part – the little details you know? Needless to say it was a fun All Saints’ Wake this year!

Happy Halloween! 😀