Not long ago I talked about being surrounded by story in Final Fantasy. There’s no such thing as too much story really – and by the Twelve is this story good! I’m having a blast sinking my teeth into the amazing main story in Heavensward – and that inevitably led me to one place: The Dragonsong War.

Spoiler Warning: This post contains my thoughts on the Dragonsong War and includes spoilers regarding the Heavensward main story scenario until level 55. You have been warned!

A key moment in my journey through Ishgard was speaking to the Dragon Hraesvelgr and learning the truth about the beginning of the Dragonsong War.

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Perhaps the first thing that struck me about the dragon’s tale is complexity and realism imbued within the story itself. Unsurprisingly, each side believes their cause is the righteous in a war. Estinien’s own perspective on the matter show this – Ishgard is defending her walls, and thus they fight the dragons.

Yet, history is rarely as simple and almost never as one-sided. Thanks to the parlay with Hraesvelgr, we get to hear the other side. The root of the war, the betrayal and the spring of human greed which all too often brings about misery and war in its wake.

This is perhaps the most realistic aspect of this story – our own human history is riddled with wars fought for greed. History’s narrative is so often dominated by each party’s narrative. Just as the Holy See artfully crafts the narrative for the Dragonsong War while hiding their true intentions.

The most poignant aspect of all of this is that I feel for Nidhogg and his kind.

“et tu, Brute?”

Betrayal inflicts the worst kind of wounds that last a lifetime. It is rarely forgiven and never forgotten. And the dragons were betrayed by none other than those they trusted the most.

This is some powerful storytelling and it has completely drawn me in. I cannot wait to see it all play out. Bravo.