Last night, as I was working on Beast Tribe reputation, I finally filled up the Neutral bar and was ready to work on the next stage of rep, “Recognised”. I should’ve known, but I fell into my WoW habit and expected just to move on without much ado. It’s not that simple in FFXIV – there’s a story to be told. I mean, ofcourse there’s a story to be told – it’s FFXIV afterall. Probably an ongoing tale at every stage of reputation!

To say that story is central to FFXIV is an understatement. It’s bleedin’ everywhere.  It’s coming out of our noses and ears! Here are the kinds of stories I’ve encountered in the game:

  • Main Scenario Story: Hard to miss with the special fiery icon, and oh so epic. It’s the main overarching story and the driving force behind everything.


  • Class Story: These are diverse and really fun to follow. Every 5 levels or so, and they range from lalafellin adventures (BLM) to possibly playing a matchmaker!
  • Job Story: The new story you get once you choose your job. Which reminds me…I should probably pick mine back up soon. I’ve been kind of neglecting it – apart from a fantastic tale, it also gives you useful spells and abilities as you level up.
  • Faction Story: The stuff of Beast Tribes and other factions with which you gain reputation. Each faction has a story and you unlock it as you at each step of the way.


  • Duty Story: Sometimes but not always connected to the main scenario, we are always told how and why to get to a particular dungeon. Everything has a reason.
  • Attunement Story: This is kind of similar to the above but I put it here because it’s longer and seemed much involved to me. This is the s
    toryline that has you unlocking raids – and the only one I did before Heavensward hit was the Crystallis (I think?) It was very cool and I enjoyed the journey – really makes a difference knowing why you’re delving into a deep dark corner to fight baddies.
  • General/Side Story: These are the usual quests and they are often just as hilarious as they can be serious. I think Ul’dah would have to be my favourite. Shady merchants, stubborn townspeople, and last but not least, the marital dispute between two lalafells. It’s awesome.

BobonimaDid I miss anything? Needless to say, there’s a LOT of story here to pursue and my questing journal has become a delicate juggling act between levelling in Heavensward and finding room for the Beast Tribe dailies I’ve been working on. Not to mention I like to keep all my side story quests from the past until I’ve actually finished them!

But hey, it’s one of those good problems to have. Can never have too much story – and in FFXIV, you get it by the truckloads.