I recently decided to take a short break from leveling in Heavensward and return to some of the things I missed during my journey in ARR. Although I did indeed reach 50 before Heavensward launched, I didn’t have very much time to explore endgame stuff before racing off to Ishgard.

I decided to check out the Beast tribes reputations first which is unlocked at level 47 or so. I thought it was particularly cool that they introduced us to reputations even before we hit level cap.

The Brotherhood of Ash is my first order of business. Located in Thanalan, just east off Ala Mhigo. Usually one would think that Amalj’aa are an unpleasant lot – heck, that’s your first introduction on your way into Ul’dah as a fresh adventurer. Yet these guys are a bit different.

The Brotherhood of Ash are a small band of Amalj’aa who remain true to the original ideals of honour and battle of their tribe. And their purpose in Thanalan is to stem the misdeeds of their fallen brethren.


I really like stories like theirs – a fallen order looking to protect and gain back their former glory.

The way to earn favour with these folks is through dailies, and as you progress with standing, the more that unlock. So far doing these is fun – they are randomised every reset so it’s not quite as tedious as far as grinds go. They are quick to do and it makes for a good morning routine.

And ofcourse, I am tempted by the rewards. Once a mount collector, always a mount collector! They have a cute minion, mount and special dyes waiting for me at the end of the grind. So in other words, collector stuff and fashunz… yep, I’m in!