One of the unique things about Final Fantasy XIV is the armoury system… and the idea that one character has access to multiple classes and jobs. This system does away with need for traditional “alts”, coming from WoW.

The armoury system, I now find, exists for good reason. The main story questline is HELLA long. There is a ridiculous amount of story in it – and thankfully, we don’t have to go through it over and over just try out new jobs and classes. The synergy between the classes, the cross-over abilities and the thought behind the planning of all this simply works.

Despite this, I’ve been going back and forth about rolling an alt. We all have our own reasons for alting and mine are the following: boobs and story. You read that right.

Boobs: I love my lalafell. She has a whole new level of cute and awesome mixed in and I will never view any other character as my main.

However, she has that super flat chest (so much so that in my Black Mage outfit my guildies couldn’t tell if I was a male or female lalafell until I took the hat off).

ffxiv_05302015_214904See what I mean?

And sometimes…just sometimes, I want to know what the cute outfits would look like on a character with a *cough* real chest *cough*. Cute outfits like this:


Story: The more I play Heavensward, the more I love Ishgard and its lore. And I really want to make a lovely Ishgardian citizen with a backstory and level her through.


There’s so much to explore and although I’ve never been an active RPer, I do always RP in my head and enjoy writing their stories out. It’s an aspect of gaming that I’ve sorely missed lately and I’m excited to get back into it with FFXIV’s lore.

On the one hand I’m somewhat intimidated by doing the whole main storyline all over again – but then again, I’m not in a hurry either. There’s also the Fantasia potion option but I don’t think I could EVER change Lenali. Lalafell for LYFE. Thus, my alt plan.

So yeah, boobs and story. What.