Over the weekend, I finally finished the Realm Reborn main story with the final quest “Before the Dawn”. I think this is probably the first time I have been this blown away by an in-game story, ever. The entire story unfolded beautifully – like a small snowball that quickly turned into an avalanche and buried you with it. I never saw it coming.

The remainder of the post is written from the eyes of Lenali, my adventuring Lalafell.

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains references to the main story pre-Heavensward – i.e patch 2.55 “Before the Fall!” You have been warned! 

The horror unfolded. Nanamo took a sip and fell … and moments later I was accused of murder with evidence … I had fallen into a trap, and I had enabled it! What followed was a whirlwind – everything that we had worked for came crashing down… the Scions, the Braves, everything. It felt as though the sands of Ul’dah were slipping away beneath our feet and we were powerless to stop it. 

The feeling of betrayal is one I can never forget. It made me sick as lay on the ground in chains, disgusted at my own helplessness. The fear, the disbelief, and the rage of my innocence – they burned in me. 

Before we could blink, chaos ensued…and went from celebrated heroes to criminals. We lost our honour and respect… Raubahn lost an arm and a friend. 

My friends sacrificed much to ensure I made it out alive. I dare not fear the worst…they must have made it out alive, they must! As we boarded the wagon, I shared Alphinaud’s guilt…the burden was mine as well. The fading image of Ul’dah as we departed is unforgettable. 

My beloved Ul’dah, my city and my home – how can you banish a child of the dunes? I could not for long…and despite the risks, I decided to go back one last time. I needed to make sure it was all not just a nightmare I would wake up from.


I was a stranger in my own home… hiding my face and walking in the shadows.

Thank the Twelve, I still have allies there who gave me hope and courage.


But nothing for now can change that I am unwelcome in my own home city. I still have enemies who want my head…and I am innocent. 

CrystalBraveA hundred malms it is. It is no longer a choice, no longer a question. I have my answer from Ul’dah now.

It is no childish nightmare, it is a bitter and sordid reality. I will give in so easily. I will fight for to prove my innocent, and for Nanamo. I will clear my name. I will come back for you. 


And thus we go forth, Heavensward.