Ever since I began sewing as a hobby, I’ve found a new appreciation for the little details in the game as I visit the Weaver’s Guild. Details always make such a big difference, and I had fun this morning just running around, being a curious Lalafell, and mostly thinking “Ohhh I have that too!”

Don’t they look amazing. Someday, the clothes I sew will look like that! But until then, I can stand here and admire their lovely seams, the gathers, and the way the fabric falls. I might even get those awesome adjustable fitting dummies like they do.

ffxiv_06232015_093729Here’s a familiar sight….and I admit, still a nerve-wrecking one for me. DEALING WITH PATTERNS… Possibly my least favourite part about sewing currently. Dealing with patterns is like an exercise in codebreaking…and then we have to cut it press it and mark a zillion things! But it’s kind of cool to see him do the same thing – laying it out, pinning it and marking it…and eventually cutting the cloth.


My sewing desk! Oh wait.. but it does look very familiar sans the sewing machine. Spools of thread, embroidery scissors, seam ripper, pins and a lovely organiser with buttons, bobbins, hooks, more thread and I imagine lots more stuff.


Ofcourse, being a badass self-sufficient guild unlike us poor souls in real life, they naturally even WEAVE their own cloth…and spin their own thread. Seriously, I mean… how cool would that have been!

ffxiv_06232015_095606And those rolls of fabric….those beautiful lovely bolts… just waiting to be sewn… Ahem, excuse me, I get carried away. Like many things in the game, I wish I had this in real life.

And there you have it, the awesome Weavers Guild in Ul’dah, at the forefront of Eorzean fashion!