Every morning, over my steaming hot cup of tea, I do my daily ritual of flower picking. Amidst all the gearing, questing, and running around killing the bad guys, having some time to myself to pick some flowers is something I never miss in Final Fantasy.

When I first picked up the game, I was overwhelmed by the idea that we could have multiple jobs and classes on a single character. Coming from Warcraft, which strictly goes by the one class system, this was new and mind blowing to me. So rather than getting to 50 on my main class, I ended up spending most of my time exploring several different classes at once. And of course once you start there, it never stops.

All ready to log some goodies!

I tried being an Alchemist and a Weaver, and of course the materials I needed for them required the skills of a Botanist – so I went ahead and picked that up too. Funnily enough, it soon became my main activity to do outside of dealing death and destruction on my Black Mage.

In general, I really like the way gathering is set up. There is no competition for nodes between people – each node is your own little spot. Then there’s the chance of you actually obtaining the item – and the added RNG of whether it will be high quality or not. Interestingly, as you gain more abilities while leveling up a mage or any other class, you gain abilities even as a gatherer. And you get to use these abilities to determine the yield. It is not completely mindless which I love! If I want to get into it, then I can – and on the other hand if I feel like being mindless about it one day, I can just harvest without using any abilities and leave it all to chance.

FufuchaFinally, there is the story. Everything has a story here and whats more, they are interesting. Fufucha, my fellow Lalafell is the guildmaster of the Botanists Guild and she often has little tidbits of wisdom for me like the one above.

All of this keeps me coming back for more. Ah, the joy of flower-picking!